Trust In Facial Recognition AdTech

Chart: Trust In Facial Recognition AdTech

56% of US adults have at least some trust in law enforcement to use facial recognition responsibly. But how do they feel about technology companies and advertisers using this kind of technology? The results aren’t promising.

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US Boycotters By Household Income

Chart: US Boycotters By Household Income

Americans often are not shy about letting their wallets speak when a brand does something that displeases them, whether it be the business acting irresponsibly, allowing a data breach or failing to represent their community or ethnicity.

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Factors That Affect Trust In Brands

Chart: Brand Trust Factors

As the wealth gap between affluent Americans and the rest widens, one-third (33%) of American consumers say trusting a brand is important because they are struggling financially and cannot afford to waste any money on a bad purchase.

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