C-Suite B2B Content Consumption

Chart: Dayparting - C-Level B2B Content Consumption

Tuesdays and Wednesdays were found to be the most active consumption days of the week, making up about half of the days where users requested information, particularly those in finance, IT and human resources.

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Most Trusted Sources Of Company Information [CHART]

Chart: Most Trusted Of Sources Company Information

Companies around the world are facing an ‘authenticity gap’ as they fail to meet customer expectations in key areas that drive authenticity, such as value and customer care. Trouble is, companies are considered the least credible when they’re talking about those particular areas.

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Why US Execs Shift Budgets From Traditional To Digital Marketing [CHART]

via emarketer.com February findings from demand-side platform DataXu showed that those US executives who planned to shift some of their budget from traditional to digital marketing efforts did so primarily because of digital’s increased measurability and accountability, as well as its greater ability to foster customer engagement. Lower cost per new customer was also a…

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