Virtual Summits

Infographic: Virtual Summits

This infographic by DataConnectors illustrates how virtual summits may be the future of business events post-COVID-19 and compiles a ton of statistics to make the case.

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Delayed Purchases Due To Coronavirus

Chart: Delayed Purchases Due To Coronavirus

nearly a third of US internet users ages 16 to 64 have delayed booking any vacations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Another quarter of respondents have held off on purchasing flights, and slightly fewer have held off buying concert or theater tickets.

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B2B Marketing Budget Changes Due To COVID-19

Chart: Impact of COVID-19 on 2020 Marketing Budgets

Aggregage, Inc., the publisher of B2B Marketing Zone and more than 40 other B2B publications, surveyed more than 450 B2B marketing professionals about how they expect to adjust their marketing plans because of the pandemic. The findings include: 72% project overall 2020 B2B marketing budgets will increase, stay the same, or only be cut moderately…

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Top B2B Marketing Channels [CHART]

Chart: Top B2B Marketing Channels

In-person events have been found to be an effective B2B marketing channel across all stages of the buyer’s journey. B2B tech organizations, especially, are seeing the benefits that in-person events bring, with more than two-thirds (69%) planning to increase their events budgets this year, per a report from Bizzabo.

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US B2B Trade Show Market Size, 2014-2023 [CHART]

Chart: US B2B Trade Show Market Size, 2014-2023

Trade shows and other events have been shown to be effective across all the stages of the buyer’s journey, with B2B demand generation marketers saying that in-person events are their best performing top of the funnel tactic. So, how big is the trade show market?

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