C-Suite B2B Content Consumption

Chart: Dayparting - C-Level B2B Content Consumption

Tuesdays and Wednesdays were found to be the most active consumption days of the week, making up about half of the days where users requested information, particularly those in finance, IT and human resources.

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The State Of Webinars

Infographic: Webinars 2020

The statistics in this infographic is based on data from more than 600,000 webinars hosted on the ClickMeeting platform in 2019. Webinar use has no-doubt increased significantly since the onset of Covid-19.

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Online Live Sports Viewers

Chart: Live Online Sports Viewers, 2019-2023

Sports are on hold in the US due to the coronavirus pandemic, but digital live sports viewership will still rise more than 14% this year thanks to continued organic growth and accelerated cord-cutting.

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Medical Crowdfunding Recipients

Crowdfunding Medical Bills

I discussed this survey during Episode 298 of my Beyond Social Media Show podcast. Podcast Episode Transcript This is astounding. I found this data from Fast Company‘s Kristin Toussaint, who reports that there’s an AmericaSpeak Spotlight on Health survey done by the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago and they have done…

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Appeal Of Pausing Consumer Subscription Services

Chart: Benefits Of Subscription Pausing

With an estimated 27.4 million US consumers at risk of canceling at least one subscription in the next 6 months, subscription services are looking for effective ways to retain subscribers – and according to research from Recurly, a pause feature could be one productive approach.

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