Trust In Facial Recognition AdTech

Chart: Trust In Facial Recognition AdTech

The vast majority (86%) of US adults are aware of the existence of facial recognition technology, per a report from the Pew Research Center.

The study also found that about three-quarters (74%) of adults believe that facial recognition is at least somewhat effective at identifying individual people.

More than half (56%) of the 4,272 US adults surveyed for the report have at least some trust in law enforcement to use facial recognition responsibly.

But how do they feel about technology companies and advertisers using this kind of technology? The results aren’t promising.

First off, nearly 6 in 10 respondents who have heard of facial recognition (n=3,722) either do not have too much trust (35%) or have no trust at all (23%) in technology companies using facial recognition in a responsible manner.

Additionally, more than three-quarters of respondents say they either do not have much trust (40%) or have no trust at all (39%) in advertisers using the technology responsibly. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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Half of US internet users have concerns about facial recognition, according to data from The Brookings Institution.

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Many consumers are likely not running out to buy a device with biometrics because such devices are pricey. Indeed, Apple’s iPhone X is the manufacturer’s most expensive device to date.

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Some 46.1% of respondents said they were not likely to purchase a device with facial recognition to help protect their privacy, while 46.1% said they were at least somewhat likely to buy one.

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There’s no denying that smartphones with biometrics will soon be the norm. But consumers are somewhat split when it comes to mobile devices with facial recognition capability.

Minority Report’s Facial Recognition Scene

2002’s Minority Report is considered a sci-fi classic. It’s set in the year 2054 – and looking back, the movie did an incredible job of predicting the technology that would come in the following decades….especially when it comes to advertising.

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