Commercial Real Estate Adjustment For Marketing Agencies

Chart: Commercial Real Estate Adjustment For Marketing Agencies

65% Of Marketers Expect Office Space Adjustment Post-Pandemic

In a June 2020 survey by the World Federation of Advertisers, senior marketers were asked whether they are considering repurposing their offices, i.e., for more collaborative tasks rather than daily work for all full-time employees. 

While 35% said they plan to return to the pre-pandemic office approach, 30% said they plan to repurpose their offices globally.

But not every respondent was sure if these changes are definite or sweeping, as 35% of senior marketers said they are piloting new approaches in some markets, stopping short of a full overhaul. Read the rest at eMarketer.

This does not surprise me at all. Five years prior to the pandemic, the public relations agency I worked for at the time, owned by a large holding company, consolidated office space with a sister advertising agency.

Creative agencies have been consolidating their real estate footprint for awhile now. The pandemic and the subsequent mass work-from-home experiment simply gives them greater reason to reimagine what workspace (and real estate budgets) look like.

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