COVID-19 Email Response Rates

Chart: COVID-19 Email Response Rates

COVID-19 has had an effect on email marketing, and data from GetResponse indicates that response rates increased quite significantly during the first weeks of the pandemic.

The analysis of active GetResponse customers (largely SMBs) with at least 1,000 contacts found that the average number of emails sent was high at the beginning of the period between February 24 and May (weeks 9-19 of the year), hitting a peak sent out in week 11.

After this, high email volume tapered off somewhat and then leveled off for the rest of the timeframe.

Volume and engagement rates showed an inverse relationship at the start: at about the same time that email volume was at its highest, engagement rates were at their lowest, with the highest average open rate not occurring until week 16 (25.14%) and the highest average click-through rate being in week 14 (3.30%).

Although both engagement metrics did drop off a bit after those highs, GetResponse notes that neither returned to lower, pre-pandemic levels, and remained roughly 20% higher at the end of the analysis period than at its start. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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