B2B Content Consumption During The Pandemic

Chart: B2B Content Consumption During The Pandemic

Among the myriad impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the professional world, B2B digital content engagement has increased significantly since lockdown directives were put in place, with asset views up by 40%.

So finds PathFactory’s report exploring the state of B2B content engagement since the outbreak based on surveys fielded before (January 1 to March 6) and during (March 7 to May 14) the pandemic.

In “data that represents PathFactory’s customer install base and is normalized for the growth of that base”, the report indicates that, among bingers of content (those consuming more than one content asset in a single session), the average number of sessions per visitor increased by 43%.

For non-bingers, this increased by 13%. That said, the length of the sessions have decreased for B2B buyers and customers.

In terms of overall content consumption, executive summaries saw the biggest increase by some margin – engagement with this type increased by 256.6%, almost double the increase of landing pages (139.5%) which saw the next biggest increase.

Unsurprisingly, webinars, a content type which has experienced increased investment since COVID-19, saw the next-highest increase (128.1%), followed by brochures (108.1%), briefs (78.8%) and reports (65.1%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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