No In-Person Events Until Late 2021

This is about in-person events.

David Erickson: We talked about several episodes having a debate about when in-person events would resume.

Here is some fresh data on that; it’s from Marketing Land’s Henry Powderly, who reports on a survey of 300 marketers who–respondents on average gave the prospect of attending an in-person event at a three out of 10 chance through the end of the first half of 2021.

I can’t remember what we said, BL; I think, it was basically when the vaccine would come back.

BL Ochman: Yeah, yeah.

Chart: Likelihood Marketers Would Attend An In-Person Conference Through The End Of 2020

While the suspension of in-person conferences and trade shows has been devastating for many industries outside of marketing, one bright spot has been the level of attendance and satisfaction with online or “virtual” events that have sprung up to replace canceled conferences. 

Nearly 70% of respondents said they would only attend online events until a COVID-19 vaccine is produced, our Event Participation Index found. But 81% said they had already attended a virtual event in the past three months.

Even more encouraging to organizers is 75% of our respondents said they were satisfied with those experiences. Read the rest at Marketing Land.

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