US Podcast Ad Spending, 2018-2022

Chart: US Podcast Ad Spending, 2018-2022

Podcast ad spending is a bright spot amid lackluster digital radio spending. According to eMarketer’s forecast, US podcast ad spending will surpass 20% of digital radio ad spending this year and cross the $1 billion mark next year.

By the end of 2020, podcast ad spending in the US will reach $782.0 million, up 10.4% from last year, giving it a 21.0% share of the US digital radio ad market.

And in 2021, spending will jump nearly 45% to $1.13 billion.    

This year, just 4.0% will be programmatic, with that figure increasing to 6.0% next year.

eMarketer expects triple-digit growth to continue through 2021, as investments in audience measurement and the shift from untrackable baked-in ads toward dynamically inserted ones pave the way for programmatic buys.

By 2022, 8.0% of podcast ads will be traded programmatically. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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