Relevant Advertising Factors

Chart: Top Elements Of Relevant Advertising

81% consumers agree that they want to see ads that are relevant to them, but just 54% claim to see such relevant ads, per a report from DISQO.

While sentiment toward relevant ads is highly positive among respondents overall, some age gaps emerge in the percentage of consumers who report actually seeing them.

In the survey of about 1,000 DISQO audience members, 43% strongly agreed that they want to see ads relevant to them, with a further 38% agreeing.

This positive sentiment is present among all age groups; with the exception of 65-to-74-year-olds (72%), the share of each age group wanting to see relevant ads ranged between 83% and 88%.

However, respondents are possibly seeing less relevant ads than they would like, a finding that again applies to each age group surveyed.


  • Slightly more than half (54%) agree that they tend to see relevant ads,
  • With the highest proportion being among 18-24-year-olds (60%) and
  • The lowest among 65-74-year-olds (41%).

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