Top Skills Senior Marketers Consider Important

Chart: Most Important Marketing Skills

As marketing continues to shift more toward digital and the use of data to make key decisions, the desired skills of today’s marketers have also shifted. Nonetheless, there are some skills that remain essential to marketers despite technological advancements.

Here’s a look at what skills senior marketers find important, per a report from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and 2CV.

It’s true that among senior marketers the broadest consensus is that skills in digital marketing (87%) and data analytics and insights (85%) are important.

In fact, digital marketing skills have been in demand for some time, while finding individuals who are proficient in data analytics has proven to be challenging.

That said, the almost 700 senior marketers surveyed put market understanding (88%) right up there with these newer skills.

Not only that, but many also feel that skills such as cultural sensitivity (80%), business acumen (78%) and entrepreneurialism (75%) are important for someone working in marketing. Marketers from a pre-digital generation might recognize these as cornerstones of their own success.

And, while a global mindset (71%) and marketing fundamentals (67%) are also valued skills, fewer respondents feel that sales experience (44%) and academic achievement (31%) are important skills for the field of marketing. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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