Twitter vs Instagram As A News Source, 2014-2020

Chart: Twitter vs Instagram As A News Source, 2014-2020

A similar percentage of users now turn to Instagram for news as they do Twitter, according to new data from the Reuters Digital News Report.

Some 11% of respondents across 12 countries said they used the image sharing app for news — almost doubling what it was in 2018 — compared to the 12% who said they turn to Twitter for news.

Younger users in particular are much more likely to turn to Instagram for news. 

In the US specifically, 12% of adults overall used Instagram for coronavirus-related news in April, but more than double (26%) of those aged 18-24 used it for that purpose.

While text is still the most popular mode of digital news consumption, younger audiences are more likely than older generations to prefer visual storytelling formats for their news, which Instagram is well suited for. Read the rest at eMarketer.

NowThis News was an early pioneer in visual news delivery via Instagram and othe social platforms. This is a recent example:

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