Top Customer Journey Development Practices

Chart: Top Customer Journey Development Practices

Eight in 10 CX, analytics, customer care, and marketing professionals surveyed for a report from Pointillist say that a journey-based strategy is very (39%) or extremely (40%) important to their organization’s overall success.

Respondents, more than 95% of whom have a customer journey-based approach to CX, also agree that a journey-based approach has had a positive impact on numerous business areas.

These include:

  • Identifying opportunities to improve CX (94%),
  • Aligning teams on the most important goals and metrics (92%),
  • Understanding key signals that lead to business outcomes (91%),
  • Establishing a single customer view (89%), and
  • Personalizing cross-channel experiences (87%).

So, what are marketers doing to understand and optimize the customer journey?

In order to understand and optimize customer journeys, one approach utilized by about 6 in 10 (57%) CX and marketing professionals is customer journey mapping.

The benefits of this approach are backed up by separate research from MarketingProfs, which found that mapping the customer journey is one of the distinguishing characteristics of more than half (55%) of B2B CX leaders.

Meanwhile, respondents to the Pointillist survey are also defining journey stages (51%) and journey-based metrics, KPIs and milestones (49%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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