C-Suite B2B Content Consumption

Chart: C-Suite B2B Content Consumption By Daypart

For marketers who want their content to cut through the noise, the familiar ‘Tuesday at 10’ slot is indeed the best time to reach the C-suite, according to a new report from NetLine.

Using content consumption activity data, the study indicates the top job levels, industries and subjects that B2B marketers should focus on for a targeted content marketing strategy.

Based on the consumption behavior of professionals across the NetLine platform, the report uses first-party data from real engagement with the 16 petabytes of content delivered by the platform in 2019.

Consumption activity varies by day as well as by hour.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays were found to be the most active consumption days of the week, making up about half of the days where users requested information, particularly those in finance, IT and human resources.

Moreover, content directed at the US C-suite is most likely to get through at 10 AM (EST). The largest share (11.4%) of C-level professionals’ activity was at this time, followed by:

  • 12 PM (11.1%),
  • 9 AM (10.6%), and
  • 1 PM (10.2%) and 4 PM (9.2%) were the best afternoon slots.

Although C-level engagement rose by 2% year-over-year, the time it took for these execs to open content increased by 16% to 34.7 hours.

This group wasn’t the slowest to consume, either – Contractors took an average of 44.2 hours to open content, and Consultants 39.2. Directors and Senior Managers were the most eager to open content (taking 22 hours and 22.9 hours, respectively) and both groups decreased their time to consume year-over-year. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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