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This segment is from Episode 313 of the Beyond Social Media Show

David Erickson: YouTube has a new ad format. This according to TechCrunch‘s Sarah Perez, who…YouTube announced they’ve got a new direct-response ad format that make video ads shoppable by adding a browsable product listing beneath the ad.

How YouTube’s Shoppable Video Ads Work

You play the ad–like on mobile, if you’re playing the ad–the ad is at the top of your screen and below the ad, you can scroll through basically a product catalog and shop while you’re while you’re watching the ad. So it looks looks interesting.

There have been some surveys that show that people are more inclined to buy after they watch an ad or video about products. So we’ll see how that rolls out. But interesting new format.

GIF: YouTube Shoppable Ads

Shoppable Video Ads Are Not New

BL Ochman: Not actually new. There were shoppable Hangouts and Tiffany had them and some designers them and I think Vogue Magazine had one. Toyota had shoppable videos. They didn’t catch on for whatever reason and it’ll be interesting to see whether they do now.

Format Matters For Video Shoppable Ads

David Erickson: Yeah, yeah; the format matters. I’ve seen the shoppable ads where you click within the ad, within the video. And that doesn’t–I mean you’re just interrupting the experience. If the video’s good, you want to watch the video, right? So you’re not gonna click on it. So we’ll see.

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