Time Spent With Mobile Messaging Apps

Beyond Social Media Show Segment Transcript

David Erickson: This is time spent with mobile messaging apps.

Time Spent With Mobile Apps In 2018

David Erickson: In 2018, Americans spent 18 minutes a day using mobile messaging apps. That sounds like a long, long…a lot of time.

BL Ochman: Not to me, it doesn’t.

David Erickson: Well, I guess if you’re–if you think about it over the course of an entire day, that probably makes more sense, but it does seem like a long period.

Time Spent With Mobile Apps In 2019

David Erickson: By 2019, it rose to 20 minutes a day.

Time Spent With Mobile Apps In 2020

David Erickson: And 2020, this year, it’s up to 24 minutes a day. And eMarketer has it plateauing for the next two years at 24. I can’t imagine; I think it’s gonna go up. That just seems like a lot of time to me.

Dark Social

David Erickson: And it’s significant for us as marketers though, because that’s dark. That’s dark social. That’s stuff we don’t know about; we can’t measure, we can’t track. And that’s where a lot–I mean, I do a lot of sharing of stuff through mobile apps. Content with people and there’s no way I can–if it’s my own content–there’s no way I know about that activity.

Chart: Time Spent With Mobile Messaging Apps, 2018-2022

This year, US adults will spend an average of 24 minutes per day on mobile messaging apps — like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger — which is up 4 minutes from 2019 estimates, according to eMarketer’s newest figures.

This increase is partially due to the pandemic

Use of mobile messaging apps during the quarantine is up, as users seek alternative modes of communication with loved ones while shelter-in-place measures continue.

April survey data from GlobalWebIndex found that 19% of US internet users said they’re spending more time on messaging services as a result of the pandemic.

But even before the pandemic, there has been a gradual shift away from traditional texting to messaging apps. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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