Pandemic’s Effect On Publisher Revenue

Chart: Pandemic's Effect On Publisher Revenue

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected publishers’ short-term ad revenues.

A March 2020 survey from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) found the majority of US news publishers have dealt with pauses, adjustments and cancellations of campaigns, while the same has been true to a lesser degree for non-news publishers in the US. Read the rest at eMarketer.

Eighty-eight percent of news publishers said that advertising buyers had asked to cancel campaigns.

And eighty-eight percent said advertising buys were being adjusted.

While eighty-six percent said advertisers had asked to pause their advertising.

What this data doesn’t address is revenue publishers earn by hosting events. In recent years, many publishers–particularly trade publications–have created events such as conferences, summits and trade shows in order to diversify their revenue streams.

Needless to say, such large-scale events have been shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic and don’t appear to be returning anytime soon.

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