Teens’ Favorite Social Media Channels

Chart: Teens' Favorite Social Media Channels

When it comes to which social media platforms resonate most with US teens, the battle between Snapchat and Instagram continues.

But the latest report on teens from Piper Sandler (formerly Piper Jaffray) shows that a new player – TikTok – has made its way onto the scene and is quickly becoming a favorite with teens.

In its latest biennial survey of 5,200 US teens, Piper Sandler reveals that Snapchat remains at the top of the list of favorite social platforms, cited by a leading 36% share of respondents, as reported by Adweek.

Snapchat has remained the favorite among teens since 2016. However, Instagram, which is currently the favorite social platform for almost one-third (31%) of teens surveyed, has been narrowing the gap between platforms over the past couple of years.

New to the list of options presented to the teens in this latest edition of the study is TikTok.

The app, which is used by one-quarter of US consumers ages 12-34, is the favorite platform for 13% of teens surveyed.

Previous research has indicated that the likelihood of teens (ages 13-16) using TikTok matches that of those using Facebook and Twitter, it has already surpassed these two platforms in Piper Sandler’s research, as both were the favorite of only 4% of teens each. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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