Spotify vs. Pandora Listeners, 2017-2023

Chart: Spotify vs. Pandora Listeners, 2017-2023

Pandora is no longer the most popular music streaming service in the US, with Spotify taking the No. 1 spot in 2019. According to eMarketer’s latest forecast on digital music listeners, the number of Spotify listeners surpassed those of Pandora two years sooner than predicted in its March 2019 forecast.

In 2019, Spotify grew by 25.8% to 65.4 million US listeners, surpassing Pandora which had been the dominant music streaming platform in the US since its launch in 2000. eMarketer defined listeners as internet users of any age who listen to Pandora or Spotify on any device at least once per month.

Spotify’s rapid growth can be attributed to a few key business decisions. In 2019, Spotify acquired multiple podcast companies, which resulted in more content on the platform.

Following these acquisitions, Spotify made its podcast content more prominent by applying its recommendation algorithms and featuring them in more places.

Additionally, Spotify partnered with Google Home Mini, Hulu and Samsung devices, offering deals that have allowed it to reach more listeners. Read the rest at eMarketer.

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