Willingness To Return To Office Work

Chart: Willingness To Return To Office Work

Late last month, Slate asked readers what they think they’ll be comfortable doing when their city or state lifts stay-at-home orders for COVID-19. In other words: When you’re allowed to do these things, will you? 

More than 6,100 people responded to the survey, which included questions about getting back to office work and routine errands, child care, dining and entertainment, travel, and interpersonal habits like hugging.

Returning to the office tied with sending kids back to school for the largest amount of uncertainty in the survey, with 20 percent of respondents checking “I don’t know.”

Many people wrote that they hoped to keep working from home, some permanently, but others had bosses who’d made it clear that they were eager for employees to get back, or simply had to return for much-needed paychecks. Read the full survey results at Slate.

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