YouTube Engagement Benchmarks

Table: YouTube Engagement Benchmarks

A recent report from InfluencerDB reveals some useful benchmarks for engagement rates on YouTube.

Per the report, metrics that score at the 60th percentile or higher are considered to be good. For example, accounts that average 97.4% in like to dislike rate are at the 60th percentile and are considered to have good performance.

Likewise, those accounts with a view to subscriber rate (the ratio of the number of views to the number of channel subscribers) of 33.1% or higher are performing within the good range.

Accounts that have a rate of 0.04% or higher for the comment to view metric (the percentage of users who have watched a video who commented on the video) are likewise performing well, while those with at least a 3.72% rate in like to views (the percentage of users who have viewed the video who like the video) are all strong. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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