Social Media Channels By Mood

Chart: Social Media Channel By Mood

Presented with a short list of moods and asked to select their state of mind when visiting various websites and apps, around 6 in 10 (58%) consumers report feeling curious and in a mood to learn when using the open web, while more are happy and upbeat when using walled gardens like YouTube, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram.

They are also far more likely to zone out and not pay attention when visiting Facebook or Instagram than other walled gardens, according to research from OpenX.

Among the four walled gardens mentioned in the survey, respondents were happiest and most upbeat when using Amazon (46% – retail therapy?!) but most curious when using YouTube (39%).

In this way, consumers show an enhanced state of mind when using sites that encourage a level of active viewing, whether this is shopping or watching videos.

Indeed, consumers showed a preference for visiting YouTube when seeking ‘How-To’ information, with 64% turning to the video platform to benefit from its many how-to videos.

I found it especially interesting that the channel people most often associate with a bad mood is Facebook. Do you think Donald Trump has anything to do with that? Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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