Chart: COVID-19 Is The Most Important Problem Facing The US

The findings from Gallup’s April 1-14 annual Economy and Personal Finance Poll track with recent Gallup Panel data that Americans are more worried about getting COVID-19 than they are about experiencing financial hardship as a result of it.

By early March, as the effects of COVID-19 were harder felt in the U.S., it was named by 13% of Americans.

Gallup has been tracking Americans’ view of the nation’s most important problem since 1939, including monthly measures in recent history since 2001.

Over the past two decades, mentions of COVID-19 rank as one of the highest percentages Gallup has recorded for an issue.

In fact, only the economy in general, during the Great Recession, was mentioned by significantly more Americans than name COIVD-19 now. Read the rest at Gallup.

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