Where People Listen To Podcasts [CHART]

Chart: Where People Listen To Podcasts

The US population has embraced podcasts, with the majority of Americans over the age of 12 years listening to them on a weekly basis.

And, per a survey by Adobe, more than half (52%) of these podcast enthusiasts are listening to podcasts while commuting to work or while they are working.

Adobe surveyed more than 1,000 US adults (18 years and older) who listen to podcasts and/or audiobooks, and found that about two-fifths (42%) listen while in the car, while another 18% listen while traveling on airplanes.

Some of these adults are also listening to podcasts while on vacation (16%) and at the gym (16%).

Some 45% of listeners say they plan on listening to more podcasts in the future, which is good news for advertisers.

Although Adobe’s survey found that 58% of respondents say they have skipped through podcast ads, other research has found that podcast listeners are less likely to skip ads within a podcast than any other ad format. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.