US Internet Users By Generation [CHART]

Chart: US Internet Users By Generation

eMarketer estimates that 79.2% of US Baby Boomers will be internet users this year—a substantial number, but lower than penetration for Gen Xers (93.1%) and Millennials (96.1%). They anticipate virtually no growth in penetration through 2023.

Many Boomers stick with traditional TV as the core of their entertainment mix. Those who’ve adopted social media have settled in with Facebook and seldom range farther into the socialsphere.

They’ve acquired smartphones, but stick with simple apps like texting.

Facebook is the one social network with a large constituency among Boomers: 45.3% of them use it, including 91.9% of Boomers who use any social network.

Penetration among total Boomers in the US is far lower for Instagram (13.2%), Twitter (8.5%) and Snapchat (4.3%). Read the rest at eMarketer.