Sender Reputations & Email Delivery Rates [CHART]

Chart: Sender Reputations & Email Delivery Rates

Every year spammers find it more difficult to get their emails into inboxes, thanks to efforts made by email providers.

Last year only 16% of emails came from the least reputable senders – a figure down from 25% in 2017, per Return Path’s latest benchmark report on the state of email reputation.

In 2018, more than one-third (36%) of the messages analyzed were sent by the most reputable senders, as defined by those with a Sender Score above 90.

Sender Score is Return Path’s free reputation calculation service, and it carries a 0-100 rating.

To arrive at its conclusions, Return Path analyzed more than 4 trillion emails sent last year from IP addresses whose Sender Score was calculated, and whose subscriber engagement and inbox placement data were available for analysis.

There are three main metrics that affect sender reputation, according to Return Path:

  • Complaint rate
  • Unknown user rate
  • Spam trap rate

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