Attitudes Towards Brands That Use Emojis [CHART]

Chart: Attitudes Towards Brands That Use Emojis

Instagram posts have been found to generate more interaction when they include at least one emoji, making emojis a surprisingly useful engagement tool as opposed to just a way to dress up an otherwise dull message. So, how do consumers respond when brands use emojis in their messaging? A new study [SlideShare] from Adobe looks at just that.

Of the 1,000 US emoji users ages 16-73 years old surveyed for the study, half (51%) say they are more likely to engage with a brand’s social media posts if they use emojis.

They also like the personal touch, with 60% saying they like brands that use emojis that match their personality.

Emojis don’t just inspire social media engagement.

Close to half (48%) of respondents also say they are more likely to follow a brand on social media if it uses emojis, while 44% claim to be more likely to purchase products that are advertised using emojis. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.