Email Users, 2018-2022 [CHART]

Market penetration for email use is essentially ubiquitous. It is therefore not surprising that the percentage of American internet users who have sent an email via any device at least once a month will remain practically the same, rising only from 90.6% in 2018 to an estimated 91.5% in 2022.

What Is The Number Of Email Users?

The full breakdown:

  • 2018: 253.5 million users
  • 2019: 258.1 million users
  • 2020: 262.5 million users
  • 2021: 266.1 million users
  • 2022: 269.3 million users

Email marketing has always been a core disipline for marketers since it’s rise to adoption during the digital age.

Considering it was the first digital channels introduced to the masses, that an email address is required to open any social media account, that eCommerce and travel transactions are conducted via email, and newsletters delivered there, the channel’s staying power should be obvious.

During this episode of Behind The Numbers, eMarketer principal analysts Nicole Perrin and Jillian Ryan explain how email is changing in usage, measurement and personalization. They also discuss Netflix Q3 earnings, how companies struggle to top Google’s search results and what matters to consumers when buying a new smartphone.