Podcast Listening Sources [CHART]

Chart: Podcast Listening Sources

Podcasts continue to grow in both familiarity and listenership among Americans, with a survey finding that about half of the respondents (ages 12 and older) reporting that they have listened to a podcast.

Not only are people listening to podcasts, but they are also listening frequently, with a new study from Westwood One reporting that, on average, listeners are spending a little more than 7 hours per week enjoying podcasts, with “Power Listeners” spending an average of nearly 12 hours listening in a typical week.

A separate study by Westwood One from late last year found that about half (46%) of weekly podcast listeners immediately listen to a podcast after it’s been downloaded.

But what platforms are listeners using to access their favorite podcasts?

About two-fifths (41%) of the more than 1,400 US adults (18 years old and older) who listen to podcasts at least once a month say they are currently accessing podcasts through Apple Podcasts (iTunes/Apple Podcasts).

One-third (33%) of respondents are currently using Spotify for podcasts, closely followed by those respondents who access podcasts through Google Podcasts (Google Play/Google Podcasts) (32%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.