Video Game Spectator Sport Spending [CHART]

Chart: Video Game Spectator Sport Spending

While gamers may be seen as easy targets for ridicule, the gaming industry is nothing to scoff at with 2018 revenues reported at more than $43 billion. Millennials, in particular, are big gamers with a new study by Nielsen reporting that two-thirds of US Millennials play video games every month.

Past research has shown that gamers do not fall into the stereotypical characterization fed by popular media platforms like television. Millennial gamers are no different.

Most (54%) are employed full-time and have an average household income of $58K. Many have children (46%) and are at least college-educated (43%).

They are even paying for movie/TV (76%) and music (38%) streaming services.

While Millennials like to play video games, they also like to watch gaming content.

Nielsen reports that 7 in 10 (71%) of Millennial gamers use platforms such as YouTube and Twitch to watch gaming video content and online videos about games.

In fact, they spend almost 6 hours per week watching this type of content. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.