Interest In Voice Commerce By Demographics [CHART]

Chart: Interest In Voice Commerce By Demographics

Despite all the hype around smart speakers, most consumers are more interested in shopping with retail technology that offers a visual aid, as opposed to completing purchases entirely with voice.

According to an August 2019 survey conducted by eMarketer and Bizrate Insights, 58% of US internet users have neither used nor are interested in using smart speakers to make purchases.

While 4% of respondents said they have made a purchase using a smart speaker at least once, just 2% did so regularly.

Just 28% of respondents in the Bizrate survey were at least somewhat interested in making purchases via smart speakers, compared with 54% who were interested in using visual search.

While just 2% said they used visual search regularly, an additional 8% had some experience with the technology, vs. the 4% who had tried making a purchase on a smart speaker. Read the rest at eMarketer.