Chart: Why Gen V Buys Online, Picks Up In-Store

According to mailbox tech company Package Concierge, more than half (58%) of internet users ages 18 to 25 had ever used buy online, pick up in-store (BOPUS).

And among that group, nearly two-thirds said they had used BOPUS within the past month.

Convenience, unsurprisingly, was a major driver.

Fifty-nine percent of Gen V respondents said they had used BOPUS because they wanted to get a product in their hands quickly.

Another 30%—who were recognized as last-minute shoppers—used the service because they needed something immediately.

Another 18% said they liked an item online but wanted to see it in-person before buying, and slightly fewer (15%) received a discount if they used the BOPUS option. Read the rest at eMarketer.