Media Consumption By Device Age Range [CHART]

Splitting their time between new and old media, Xers are reachable almost anywhere. According to Q3 2018 research from Nielsen, US consumers ages 35 to 49 spend nearly the same amount of time with old media like live and timeshifted TV and radio, as with their digital devices by accessing apps and the web on a smartphones or tablet.

Chart: Media Consumption By Device Age Range

While this generation is digitally curious—our estimates show that 77.5% of Xers are social network users—their usage tends to be narrower and less experimental than younger generations.

They’re most likely to stick with the platforms they know, which unsurprisingly means that nearly nine in 10 US Gen X social users are on Facebook. Just fewer than half are on Instagram, while Twitter and Snapchat remain the least popular with Xers.

Those ages 35 to 54 reported spending an average of 54 minutes per day on Facebook, according to a November 2018 survey from Cowen and Company. Younger Xers (ages 35 to 44) spent 33 minutes per day on Instagram, vs. 24 minutes among those ages 45 to 54. Read the rest at eMarketer.