Smartphone App User Demographics [TABLE]

Table: Smartphone App User Demographics

Mobile and social usage are major elements of Gen X’s digital activity, so it’s no surprise that those also figure into their shopping.

But while such usage is a default behavior for millennials, Gen X is selective in using mobile and (especially) social as shopping tools.

eMarketer/Bizrate Insights polling in April 2019 found that Xers using mobile apps for a variety of shopping purposes.

Among US smartphone/tablet owners ages 35 to 54, more than half said they had used a mobile retail app to find information about a product or service (61%) or to transact a purchase (54%).

Some Xers use mobile apps to keep up with brands, but Alliance Data’s polling found this was fairly low on their hierarchy of methods.

While 18% of Gen Xers said they use mobile apps to keep up with brands, many more said they do so by visiting a retailer’s website regularly (44%), subscribing to its emails (40%) or receiving direct mail (28%). Read the rest at eMarketer.