B2B Content Consumption By Job Title [CHART]

Chart: B2B Content Consumption By Job Title

The most successful B2B content marketers prioritize delivering content to the right audience, but do they know who is accessing their content most?

Although about two-thirds (64%) of the total audience for B2B content are those individuals with a job level of manager or above, Individual Contributors are the ones downloading the most content, per a report from NetLine.

NetLine’s report is based on an analysis of data collected from B2B buyers who agreed to share their information to receive content from NetLine’s clients and partners.

Covering more than 4 million downloads globally, the report found that Individual Contributors account for 18% share of the B2B content consumption audience, followed closely by Managers (16% share).

C-level executives are the third-highest consumers of content (14%) while other senior positions such as Directors (10% share) and VPs (3% share) consume considerably less.

The data suggests that while marketers tend to focus on the C-suite when they are developing content, they should be targeting the wider roles within a buyer’s decision-making unit.

This is especially true when marketers take into account that often C-suite executives are not necessarily seeking out information on their own.

A survey by PathFactory and Heinz Marketing of upper management marketing professionals, which included job titles such as VP, Senior Director or C-Suite, found that 6 in 10 marketing professional delegate researching to members of their team.

Additionally, a majority of B2B buyers report having less time to read and research, so it could be assumed that a more junior position would be tasked with the initial research. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.