Top Video Game Purchase Factors [CHART]

Chart: Top Video Game Purchase Factors

About two-thirds (65%) of US adults play video games and three-quarters of Americans have at least one gamer in their household.

So, with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) reporting that US gamers spent a total of $43.4 billion last year on games, hardware and peripherals, who are these individuals and what influences them when buying games?

To understand who gamers are, it may help to first rid your mind of the stereotypical image of the twenty-something male, sitting in a dimly lit room wearing a headset, surrounded by a half-eaten pizza, a bowl of cheese doodles and several empty cans of Mt. Dew.

Actually, according to ESA, gamers are quite a bit different than what we may think.

First off, women game, too. Of the 4,000 Americans surveyed about their video game playing habits, 46% were women.

Previous research has also found that women are about as likely as men to play video games, though they’re less likely to describe themselves as “gamers”. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.