Most Valuable Personalized Content [CHART]

Chart: Most Valuable Personalized Content

Periscope By McKinsey asked US internet users what type of personalized content was most appealing; no answer garnered an outright majority of responses.

Half of respondents said that products related to their interests were appealing, and only four responses appealed to at least one-third of those polled.

Respondents were also asked what businesses they wished to receive personalized messages from, and in the US, 52% said they would prefer them from restaurants and bars, but no other category appealed to the majority of respondents.

In a study conducted by risk management firm RSA Security, 29% of internet users surveyed from France, Germany, the UK and US said that providing more data to companies leads to better products and services, which is down 2 percentage points from responses the year before. Read the rest at eMarketer.