Voice-Enabled Experience KPIs [CHART]

Chart: Voice-Enabled Experience KPIs

The overwhelming majority of organizations see voice-enabled experiences as important (67% “very important”, 27% “somewhat important”) for their customers, according to a study by Adobe and Advanis, which also found that 9 in 10 already have resources in place for voice.

The report details plenty of optimism around voice: close to two-thirds strongly agree that voice-enabled experiences will drive conversion / increase revenue (66%), increase consumer engagement (65%) and increase consumer loyalty (64%).

This overwhelming positivity comes amid rapid growth of smart speaker ownership, along with near ubiquitous smartphone ownership across generational groups.

But with this emerging technology, how are businesses planning to measure performance?

Top of the list among preferred metrics is the number of returning users (42%), along with the closely-related measure of engagement (40%). Revenue / conversion (39%) also comes high on the list, as well as metrics related to user experience, such as success & error rates (36%), session length (28%), session frequency (28%) and user fallout (22%), among others. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.