Map App Users, 2017-2021 [CHART]

Chart: Map App Users, 2017-2021

Maps and navigation apps are essential tools for smartphone users, and eMarketer forecasts that 66.8% of smartphone users will use them monthly, with a growth of 5.8% from 2017 to 2018.

More than 155 million people will use maps and navigation apps by the end of this year. eMarketer expects that growth will remain steady in the coming years, and penetration will reach 67.6% by 2021.

Though not the flashiest of apps, maps and navigation apps are a fundamental part of the smartphone user experience, and tech companies recognize this and regularly invest in improving their map capabilities.

Making a big push to upgrade Apple Maps, Apple announced in June 2019 that it plans to roll out an improved app later this year on iOS 13.

Google continues to regularly add features to its Google Maps app, the latest being a feature that alerts users of live traffic delays for buses and predictions on transit congestion.

For a company like Google, which runs ads within the app, it also means opportunities to capitalize on people’s reliance on this tool through advertising. Read the rest at eMarketer.