Influencer Marketing Challenges [CHART]

Chart: Influencer Marketing Challenges

Some influencers accept free products as payment for endorsements, others charge thousands of dollars for a single post. While the compensation scale varies by following and content type, some marketers are concerned that teaming up with social media influencers is getting expensive.

According to a January 2019 survey by influencer marketing service Mediakix, more than one-third of US marketers said the rising cost of influencers was a leading marketing challenge in this space.

Topping rising costs, though, spotting fake followers and artificial engagement, social algorithm changes and building an always-on strategy are influencer marketing challenges that keep marketers awake at night.

Marketers are also concerned with staying abreast of social media trends, building a strong creative strategy, and saving time managing campaigns. All of these were cited by roughly 30% of marketers as influencer challenges they face. Read the rest at eMarketer.