Digital Nevers [CHART]

Chart: Digital Nevers

The proportion of US adults who do not use the internet continues its slow decline, per data from the Pew Research Center, as the percentage of the US adult population who do not use the internet has more than halved in fewer than 10 years.

Still, 1 in 10 adults remain non-internet users, according to the study.

This new report finds similar patterns of internet usage seen in previous years, with adoption rates strongly correlating with age, household income, educational attainment and community type.

Those variables are outlined briefly below, but before visiting them it’s worth noting that internet usage is consistent among men (90%) and women (90%).

However, despite figures from last year showing consistency among races and ethnicities, this year there is a larger gap in usage between White (92%), Black (85%) and Hispanic (86%) adults. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.