Twitter Power Users [CHART]

Chart: Twitter Power Users

Fewer than one-quarter (22%) of US adults use Twitter, making it one of the least used of the top social media platforms in the US. Of those who are on Twitter, a mere 10% account for the vast majority of the tweets, per a recent report from Pew Research Center.

But among these users, how is activity balanced?

In a survey of more than 2,700 US adult Twitter users who agreed to provide their Twitter handles (and whose data was collected via Twitter API), Pew Research found that a small number (10%) of individuals were responsible for 80% of all the tweets. The other 90% of tweeters contributed far fewer (20%) tweets on the platform.

The difference in monthly engagement of these heavy and light tweeters is striking. The median user in the small group of prolific tweeters created 138 tweets per month, favorited 70 posts, had 387 followers and followed 456 accounts.

For those bottom 90% of tweeters, the median user tweeted twice a month, favorited 1 post, had 19 followers and followed 74 accounts.

Some 81% of the top 10% of US Twitter users used Twitter at least once a day, but the gap here is not as pronounced as in the other areas studied.

Almost half (47%) of the other 90% also used Twitter once a day or more. This indicates that while the majority of users do not engage directly on the platform often, many of them are still active on the platform and consuming the content that is posted.

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