US Dating App Users, 2016-2020 [CHART]

Chart: US Dating App Users

Due to slowed growth among the most popular dating apps, app-switching (as opposed to new downloads) and a potential rise in successful relationships, eMarketer has lowered its dating app forecast figures for 2019.

eMarketer expects the number of people who own a smartphone and use dating apps to grow 5.3% this year, reaching roughly 25 million. This figure is much flatter than its previous forecast of 9.8% growth, and just one-sixth of growth in 2016.

Illustrating a similar slowdown, app analytics platform Apptopia found that worldwide, dating app downloads for the 15 most-popular apps (includes Apple App Store and Google Play) decreased to 247 million in 2018, down from 256 million the year prior.

And a prosperous market is good news for the growing number of singles out there. eMarketer estimates that 28.9% of single smartphone users will use dating apps this year, and that number will climb to 35% by the end of our forecasting period. Read the rest at eMarketer.