Time Spent On Facebook vs Instagram, 2016-2021 [CHART]

Chart: Time Spent On Facebook vs Instagram

Instagram’s new Explore page ads will bring more opportunities for marketers—but they also raise concerns about the limit of organic reach, which some claim has already happened in the Instagram feed.

Savvy marketers have established best practices to get their content featured on Explore, but when ads are introduced, it could become more challenging to appear there organically.

Instagram announced at the end of June that it will start placing ads on Explore, the discovery page where users are shown curated content based on their interests and can discover content from accounts they don’t follow.

This marks the first significant expansion of ad placements beyond Stories and the traditional feed. It also comes at a time when Facebook has become more dependent on Instagram for ad revenue growth.

eMarketer expects the average US user will spend 38 minutes each day on Facebook this year—unchanged from 2018. Meanwhile, time spend on Instagram will increase from 26 minutes to 27 minutes year over year.

By 2021, Instagram will further tighten the gap, averaging 29 minutes per day, while Facebook will fall to 37 minutes. Read the rest at eMarketer.