Top Audio Marketing Metrics [CHART]

Chart: Top Audio Marketing Metrics

Digital audio consumption has continued to rise, with consumers listening to their favorite form of digital audio 8% more between 2017 and 2018, according to a report from Adobe.

With this steady rise it’s no wonder that nearly three-quarters (74%) of brands believe that audio is its own category within digital advertising.

Despite digital listening formats like digital radio still lagging behind traditional formats, digital listening has continued to grow significantly in the past few years, while other traditional formats decline.

Podcasts have also grown in popularity in the US, with the latest Infinite Dial report indicating that for the first time more than half (51%) of consumers surveyed said they had listened to a podcast.

Adobe’s research found that the minutes spent per month on podcast apps has increased 14% over the past year, with an accompanying survey revealing that 1 in 4 respondents plan on listening to more podcasts this year than last.

Recognizing that this growth in digital audio consumption has significant potential – especially with one-quarter of consumers noting they have purchased a product after hearing an ad on a streaming music app or website – some 46% of brands are planning to up their investment in digital audio over the next year. About one-third (32%) of brands expect to allocate more of their ad spend specifically to podcasts. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.