Effect Of Same-Sex Advertising, By Demographic [TABLE]

Table: Effect Of Same-Sex Advertising, By Demographic

New data shows that half of internet users in the US said that if a company debuts Pride-related merchandise or content, they’re more likely to see that as a marketing tactic than as a true reflection of the company’s values, according a YouGov survey.

But companies that have shown their support for the LGBTQ+ community may benefit from being inclusive in their advertising.

About one-quarter (24%) of US internet users also said they are more likely to do business with companies known to be LGBTQ+-friendly.

Particularly, gay and lesbian individuals (71%), bisexual people (54%), millennials (32%), and high-income earners (34%) all said they’re likely to spend money with LGBTQ+-friendly businesses.

It’s probably not surprising that age is a sharp dividing line in attitudes on the survey’s question.

Among millennials, those more likely to buy from such a company outnumbered those less likely to do so nearly 2:1, 34% vs. 15%.

But among baby boomers, the split was slightly negative, at 19% “more likely” vs. 21% “less likely.”

It’s conspicuous that a plurality of respondents in most of the survey’s demographic niches said a company’s reputation for being LGBTQ+-friendly would make then neither more nor less likely to do business with it. Read the rest at eMarketer.