Social Media Influence On Purchase Decisions [CHART]

Chart: Social Media Influence On Purchase Decisions

Even away from the social feeds, influencer marketing seems to be everywhere these days. Some 4 in 5 marketers believe it to be an effective tactic, with the majority reporting that the ROI they generate is comparable or better than marketing channels.

But consumers might not be that easily swayed: this year’s results from PwC’s global consumer study has found that just 17% of respondents say they are more likely to buy a product or service if it has an endorsement from an influencer or celebrity.

Instead, a far greater proportion say their purchases are influenced by positive reviews on social media (32%).

Other research from Namogoo backs this up, with close to 8 in 10 American online shoppers saying that reviews help make for a great online shopping experience.

Another aspect more influential than the influencers are offers and promotions shared by others (28%). Shoppers are always keen to get a bargain, and research has indeed found that discounts come top of the list for the types of content that consumers want to see on social media.

These points aside – and not forgetting that friends and family are typically the most influential for purchase decisions – close to 1 in 3 (29%) of the more than 20,000 consumers surveyed agreed that they had been inspired to make a purchase from social media. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.