Brand To Customer Relationships [CHART]

Chart: Brand To Customer Relationships

While personalization may be a favored tactic of marketers, consumers can feel differently – and in some cases, consider it creepy.

Another disconnect exists between marketers and consumers: nearly three-quarters (73%) of consumers believe that brands are struggling to meet their expectations for delivering a personalized experience, compared to fewer than half (43%) of marketers, per findings in a report by RedPoint Global via a Harris Poll survey.

Consumers have an overwhelming preference for being treated as an individual rather than a member of a segment, but what exactly makes them feel that way?

Top of the list is to receive special offers available only to them (52%). This aligns with other data highlighting the benefit of discounts in driving brand loyalty.

Previous research from Vision Critical also found that most consumers (52%) are comfortable sharing information in exchange for discounts and/or promotions or to get more personalized service and offers (42%).

Shoppers also want to be recognized as they carry out their activities across channels. Some 43% said that they’d feel like an individual were brands to know who they are across all touchpoints, such as in-store, mobile and others.

This also could be a particular hygiene factor for brands, as 31% of consumer respondents also reported getting very frustrated when a company doesn’t recognize them as an existing customer. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.