2019 Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker [PRESENTATION]

Mary Meeker‘s latest annual Internet Trends Report has dropped and the only thing that is different this year is that it has been published by Meeker’s own company, Bond Capital, rather than her previous employer.

This year’s report is, as usual, jam-packed with data and insights spanning 333 slides.

Topics of the 2019 Internet Trends Report include:

  1. Users
  2. Ecommerce + Advertising
  3. Usage…
  4. Freemium Business Models
  5. Data Growth
  6. …Usage
  7. Work
  8. Education
  9. Immigration + USA Inc.
  10. Healthcare
  11. China

Put a pot of coffee on and settle in for the long-haul because here is the full report. Don’t have time? You can watch Meeker present the highlights at eStrategy.TV.

Internet Trends 2019 by on Scribd